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The rooms of the Villa

The Villa is an impressive building located about 100 meters from the left bank of the Tiber River; its construction dates back to different periods The property is subject to the obligation of the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage. According to the historical and artistic report of the superintendent for cultural heritage… environmental, architectural, artistic, and historical factors, the central core of the villa is represented by a tower medieval dating back to the 14th century, consisting of four superimposed rooms. Over time several buildings have been added to it, most of which date back to the 19th century; however, the villa acquired its current appearance mainly through interventions carried out at the beginning of the 1900s (source: Wikipedia). The villa is registered in the register of Italian historic houses (ADSI).

The Hall

The hall, always called as such, is the heart of the rooms at Villa Taticchi. A continuously lit fireplace warms the coldest evenings, and the piano often plays, accompanying the guests Many are the stories that this room has heard and experienced, so when you enter, you breathe in that familiar air The warm welcome prepares the palates for Chef Francesca’s delicious cuisine
Seating capacity up to 50 people


The Library

The library is the oldest room in the Villa. Here once stood the Watchtower in the fourteenth century A.D. Built by the Benedictine monks there are preserved some ancient books of the house, but given its almost constant temperature, even the best bottles of the well-stocked wine cellar.


The “Saletta”

The room with its windows is perhaps the brightest of the rooms. It boasts a fireplace and a French window that overlooks the garden of the Villa. Often it is also suitable for a candlelight dinner for two and is for this reason the favorite for couples. Coveted at Valentine’s Day. So romantic. Seats max 30 people.


The Atrium

The Atrium or the courtyard is the entrance of Villa Taticchi. Stands out the 16th-century fireplace, always lit Sometimes it’s used for events or buffet-style aperitifs

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The terrace

The first floor of the Villa about 7 meters from the ground floor has a beautiful covered terrace overlooking the garden of the Villa. Here you can serve aperitifs but also set the table for a small banquet. Many times thanks to the presence of a piano this space is used for the most pleasant classical music concerts

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The garden

The garden of Villa Taticchi is an authentic space surrounded by greenery, with many flowers and a small vegetable garden where aromatic herbs for our dishes are grown The long avenue takes us to the Tiber river just after covering a hundred metres. In the summer you set the table in the garden where in the evening you can enjoy a pleasant refreshing breeze.


Il Green Pub

The Green Pub is hidden in the garden of Villa Taticchi. It is a corner of the garden where you can party, abandoning all fears and starting to dream of being free. Made from reused materials, decorated with party lights and equipped with a bar and wooden floor for dancing, it is a beautiful place to spend the coolest and most fun summer, perhaps listening to some good live music. Suitable to conclude wedding celebrations!