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With solid experience in hospitality and restauranteering, the beautiful villa from the middle ages recieves you with the same spontanity of who recieves friends in their own home. this magic place has been the owners for generations, and every angel and every title in the precious library is a testimony of that.

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Villa taticchi was born and developed around the guard-house of a medieval tower built in the xiv century.  it was originally built to protect the tiber valley, once the dominion of the benedictine monks, from attacks by invaders.  the taticchi family took ownership in 1800 and renovated it to give it its current look. the villa, always the site of parties and banquets for the family, as it was meant to be used, was opened to the public in 1988 as a holiday farmhouse and later as a restaurant.

The Villa


The imposing building stands about 100 meters from the left bank of the tiber river. it’s construction dates back to various eras. the property is subject to the restraints of the ministry of environmental and cultural heritage.  according to the historical-artistic report by the superindendent for environmental, architectural, artistic and historical heritage, the heart of the villa consists of a medieval tower dating back to the xiv century, consisting of four overlapping rooms.  in the past, other buildings stood beside it, the majority of them dating back to the xix century. the villa, however, has its current appearance thanks to renovations done in the early 1900s (source: wikipedia)

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Indirizzo: Strada Ponte Pattoli Resina, 06134 Ponte Pattoli, Perugia, Italia. !5 Km dal centro storico di Perugia, 2 km dalle uscite della superstrada E-45 Resina e Ponte Pattoli.

Ristorante Villa Taticchi • Strada Fratticiola, 2 – Ponte Pattoli (Perugia)

Telefono: + – P.IVA 02752430542


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